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Join us on epic annual dive trips to some of the world's best diving destinations. Expect plenty of dives that will quickly ramp up your dive experience. It's not just about diving though. We're all about creating a friendly, social atmosphere where everyone can share their experiences, learn from each other and have a great time.

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Rea Sea, South, 2024

This year we are going back to the Red Sea ♥
Join us on this amazing liveaboard trip to explore the Brother's Islands and hopefully see the Hammerhead Sharks.
The dates are 2024-11-02 - 2024-11-09.
You can expect ~20 dives, high standard of the boat, and full board.
Itinerary: Reef Marsa Shouna o Abu Dabbab, Brother's Islands, Numidia Wreck, Aida Wreck, Daedalus, Elphinstone North and South.

Maldives, Central Atols, 2023

Our trip to the Maldives was just out of this world. We spent a week on the awesome Duke of York. We were diving with sharks and manta rays. One night, a whale shark came to visit and allowed us to swim together for a couple hours. It was a life-changing experience.

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Y-40, 2023

We went for the Valentine's weekend to visit our Official Partner - Y-40® The Deep Joy - the deepest thermal water pool in the world. We had a couple great dives and spent some quality time together.

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Rea Sea, North, 2022

The second club trip was with a bigger group. It was a proper, week-long liveaboard starting in Sharm El-Sheikh and following the wrecks and barriers itinerary. We were off the grid, diving three times every day, relaxing and enjoying each others company in the meantime. We saw some of the most epic dive sites including the legendary Thistlegorm Wreck.

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Elba Island, 2021

The first dive trip of the DiveBase Club was to the most beautiful Elba Island. It was a friends&family extended weekend. Amazing sights on the surface, large groupers underwater, and delicious, homemade food cooked on the boat. We had a lot of fun together and we decided that the club dive trip will become an annual thing.

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