Malta's climate makes it a year-round diving destination. The water temperature varies throughout the year, with the warmer months from May to October being the most popular for diving. From November to April, although the water temperature is lower, diving is still quite possible and enjoyable especially that there are fewer divers, giving you a more private experience.


January in Malta delivers mild winter temperatures, with periods of rainfall. Despite the cooler weather, the sun often shines, making it perfect for exploring the rich history of the islands.

Air Day 15°C / 59°F Air Night 12°C / 54°F Water Surface 16°C / 61°F Water Depth 15°C / 59°F


In February, weather stays cool and wet, similar to January. However, the almond blossom season provides a delightful contrast, blanketing the country in soft white and pink hues.

Air Day 16°C / 61°F Air Night 13°C / 55°F Water Surface 15°C / 59°F Water Depth 14°C / 57°F


March signals the onset of spring, with temperatures increasing slightly, with rainfall beginning to decrease. This is a fantastic time to enjoy the countryside which is lush and green following the winter rains.

Air Day 17°C / 63°F Air Night 14°C / 57°F Water Surface 15°C / 59°F Water Depth 14°C / 57°F


April welcomes warmer temperatures, with rainfall becoming even less frequent. The island becomes vibrant with blooming spring flowers, making it a great time for hiking and sightseeing.

Air Day 19°C / 66°F Air Night 15°C / 59°F Water Surface 16°C / 61°F Water Depth 15°C / 59°F


Malta in May experiences an early summer feel, with warmer temperatures and more sunny days. It's perfect tiem for various outdoor activities around the island.

Air Day 23°C / 73°F Air Night 18°C / 64°F Water Surface 18°C / 64°F Water Depth 17°C / 63°F


June brings the real start of summer in Malta. This is an excellent time for water activities like snorkeling and diving, as the sea temperature becomes pleasant.

Air Day 28°C / 82°F Air Night 21°C / 70°F Water Surface 24°C / 75°F Water Depth 22°C / 72°F


Malta in July is hot and sunny with practically no rainfall. The balmy Mediterranean Sea is at its best, making it an idyllic time for swimming and diving.

Air Day 30°C / 86°F Air Night 24°C / 75°F Water Surface 26°C / 79°F Water Depth 24°C / 75°F


August is the peak of Malta's summer heat with almost guaranteed sunshine. Despite the high temperatures, this is a popular time for tourists, thanks to Malta's vibrant nightlife, festivals, and warm sea temperatures.

Air Day 34°C / 93°F Air Night 28°C / 82°F Water Surface 28°C / 82°F Water Depth 27°C / 81°F


September in Malta remains warm and inviting, though the evenings start to cool off just a little bit. Divers love this month for underwater explorations as the sea water hits its peak temperature.

Air Day 29°C / 84°F Air Night 25°C / 77°F Water Surface 27°C / 81°F Water Depth 26°C / 79°F


October in Malta is the transition to autumn with cooler temperatures and an increase in rainfall. The sea stays warm, making it a great time to visit the quieter beaches, while the countryside starts to turn green again.

Air Day 26°C / 79°F Air Night 22°C / 72°F Water Surface 23°C / 73°F Water Depth 22°C / 72°F


Weather in November brings lower temperatures, with increased chances of rain. This is an ideal time for sightseeing and exploring the historical sites without the summer crowds.

Air Day 21°C / 70°F Air Night 17°C / 63°F Water Surface 20°C / 68°F Water Depth 18°C / 64°F


December in Malta is mild compared to most European climates with some rain. The festive spirit around the island makes it a unique destination to spend the holiday season.

Air Day 18°C / 64°F Air Night 14°C / 57°F Water Surface 19°C / 66°F Water Depth 17°C / 63°F