Marine Life

The island's crystal-clear waters provide exceptional visibility, creating an ideal environment to observe and photograph the marine life. On every dive, you can see amberjacks, groupers, octopuses and many other beautiful creatures. Multiple shipwrecks act as artificial reefs, and have become thriving ecosystems full of marine life.


Intelligent and elusive creatures known for their ability to change color and shape.


Masters of disguise that can rapidly change their skin color and texture.


Long, serpentine predators that hide in crevices and hunt at night.


Flat-bodied fish with a venomous barb on their tail, often found resting on sandy bottoms.


Colorful and diverse sea slugs with fascinating patterns and shapes.

Spanish Dancer

Spanish Dancer is a vibrant nudibranch with red or reddish-orange body, known for its graceful dance movements underwater.


Bottom-dwelling crustaceans with large claws and a hard exoskeleton.


Hard-shelled scavengers that scuttle along the seafloor in search of food.


Large and curious fish often found near underwater structures and reefs.


Sleek predators with sharp teeth and a distinctive silver coloration.


Large and fast-swimming predators that hunt in the open water.


Swift and powerful fish that migrate through the Mediterranean Sea.


Silver-colored fish often found in schools near rocky reefs and wrecks.


Colorful and oddly shaped fish that feed on coral and play an important role in maintaining the reef ecosystem.

Fried Egg - Cassiopea

Fried Egg Jellyfish, resembling a sunny-side-up egg floating in the azure waters is harmless and so beautiful.

Sea Urchin

Spiny, round creatures that graze on algae and hide in crevices.