Marine Life

Tenerife's underwater world is a diverse ecosystem that is a home to many oceanic species. Turtles, angelsharks, rays along with a many other wonderful creatures are a common sight on our dives.

Green Turtle

Known for their sharp beaks and large, streamlined shells, these gentle sea turtles are a joy to encounter in the water.


These bottom-dwelling sharks are flat, camouflaged creatures that blend in with the sandy ocean floor.


Always a delightful sight, these playful and intelligent marine mammals can often be seen leaping and frolicking in the water around Tenerife.

Atlantic Manta Ray

The graceful giants of the ocean, these creatures are known for their large wingspan and peaceful demeanor.


A local species, these yellow-striped fish form spectacular schools in the Tenerife waters.

Garden Eel

Small size, often appear in large groups and sway in the current, giving the appearance of an underwater garden, hence their name.


Long, serpentine predators that hide in crevices and hunt at night.


Intelligent and elusive creatures known for their ability to change color and shape.


Masters of disguise that can rapidly change their skin color and texture.


Large and curious fish often found near underwater structures and reefs.


Sleek predators with sharp teeth and a distinctive silver coloration.


Colorful and oddly shaped fish that feed on coral and play an important role in maintaining the reef ecosystem.