Club Charter

This document explains how the club is organized and lays out the principles and values of our community that represent our shared passion for diving, our commitment to safety, respect for the marine environment and most importantly, our love for good company and great times.


1. Club Name

DiveBase Diving Club is the official name of the club.

2. Club Objectives

The club has the following objectives:

  1. Organize diving activities to the best of our ability, with commitment to safety and respect for the marine environment.
  2. Organize educational, cultural, social, civic, recreational, and other activities.

3. Membership

  1. Club is open to everyone. Membership applications must be presented to the club committee.

4. Membership Fees

There will be no fees other than the application fee.

5. Organization

  1. The club is managed by a committee appointed annually by club members.
  2. The committee oversees the administration and day-to-day business of the club, exercising executive powers granted by this charter. The committee may exercise other powers as necessary, provided that it would not be in conflict with club values.
  3. Committee members are expected to actively participate in club activities.
  4. The committee reserves the right to decline membership applications.
  5. The committee may expel members who disrespect club values, after conducting an investigation.
  6. Members who wish to apply for a position on the committee must be in a good standing with the club.
  7. All members of the club are welcome to communicate complaints and suggestions to club authorities seeking a resolution for the mutual benefit of all members.

6. Leadership

  1. There are four members on the committee: the president, the treasurer, and two other members.
  2. The president leads all meetings and ensures that the decisions made by the committee are properly documented and implemented.
  3. The president is responsible for keeping the list of members up-to-date at all times.
  4. Only the president of the committee has the authority to contact other parties on behalf of the club.
  5. The treasurer is responsible for managing club's finances and keeping track of all income and expenses.
  6. Other members of the committee may be appointed to offices or tasks as decided by the committee.
  7. Committee members may resign from their position by giving a written notice to the president of the committee.
  8. Committee meetings should be held at least once a month. The president organizes the meeting and gives at least two days' notice to other committee members.
  9. Committee meetings should not proceed if a quorum is not reached within half an hour from the start of the meeting. In exceptional circumstainces, the president may still decide to proceed even without a quorum.
  10. Decisions are taken by a simple majority in a secret voting.
  11. The committee may decide to change decisions made in the past.
  12. The committee can take disciplinary measures against members who violate this charter or club values. A committee member who neglects his obligations may be suspended by a majority vote of the committee.
  13. The committee can appoint club members to hold special functions.
  14. The committee has the authority to interpret this charter.
  15. Club cheques must be signed by the treasurer and the president.

7. General Meeting

  1. The ordinary general meeting is to be held annually in January.
  2. Any changes to this charter should be proposed at the general meeting.
  3. Club members may decide to make changes to this charter by a simple majority vote of members present at the general meeting.
  4. Any motions made by club members must be presented to the president of the committee in writing.
  5. Club members may make decisions by a simple majority vote of members present at the general meeting.
  6. A new committee is appointed at every annual general meeting.
  7. General meeting notice shall be sent to all club members via official club communication channels.

8. Appointments

  1. Antonio Gomiero holds the postion of the committee president.
  2. Giorgia Crocetta holds the postion of the committee treasurer.
  3. Bartosz Krol and Davide Tosato hold the postion of committee members.

9. Club Dinner

Club dinner event shall be held at least annually. Notice shall be sent to all club members via official club communication channels.

10. Charter Approval

This charter was finalized and approved by the General Meeting held at the DiveBase Malta diving centre on the 16th of February, 2022. It is effective as of the 1st of March, 2022.